Greetings Feasters!


My name is Caitlin, and Grits to Grace is my food project and passion. I am a self-taught and taught by life baker and chef. Most of my recipes are excerpts from longer stories and little snapshots of the life we live with food and good folks. I am a counselor of cakes, people, and ocasionally puppies.

While studying Theology and considering ordination to the priesthood, I realized that I had a  spiritual home in the kitchen. “Grits to Grace” was born in an attempt to articulate the miraculous and all-together everyday joy of eating with others. Whether this takes place at a magical supper club, food festival, or right here on the page, G2G is fueled by hospitality and inspired by compassion. While contemplating the beauty of cast iron and cold butter, I became convinced that there is something sacred happening in our kitchens... and I want to be close to it. I recently relocated to Sydney, Australia from New York City, so I am learning all about Milo, Tim Tams, and Picnic Bars.

This blog follows the whimsical pursuit of my cookery and meditates upon the questions of how we nourish ourselves and others. It is also a place for you, fellow foodie enthusiasts, to come and find delicious treats, tales, and special events to attend. With a hearty dose of poetry and bushel full of thoughts, we will wend our path through the days. I am happy that you found your way here, will you stay for dinner?