Sacred Sundays


A little silence. We just look at the way the sun is bouncing of the bricks and sliding into the alley, like the slinky straw-colored cats. A whole fish roasted on a grill is our idea of paradise. As if our backyard was a boat in the sea of the city, we float for a while before Monday. It is the time again for my hair to smell like smoke and my skin cries out for salt water and wild wind. Thank you fish for your life and fire for your power to cook our fish and summon dreams. If you feel like sitting outside until dusk falls and finding an adventure somewhere far away, you are not alone.


Summer Squash, roasted.


Corn Fritters. Fritters are life-long fish friends.


Rest well and re-charge dear friends. Dream lots of non-work related dreams and plan elaborate summer dinner parties. See you soon with poems, plenty of dirty pots, and a few gin cocktails. If you are curious to see a little Grits to Grace does Youtube ( warning: I leave flawless to Beyonce), visit me here!