The First Fruits

Greetings Feasters! My name is Caitie, and Grits to Grace is my food project passion. This is G2G's first first foray into blog territory but it all began with hunger and the grace of the fulness that follows.

While studying for my Masters of Divinity, and considering an ordination to the priesthood, I realized that my real spiritual home was in the kitchen. My catering company "Grits to Grace" was born in an attempt to articulate the miraculous and all together everyday joy of eating with others, looking deeply into food, and contemplating the beauty of cast iron and cold butter. I found that while writing term papers on St. Augustine, I could not help but make oatmeal cookies smeared with sweet, white frosting in the center, and that somewhere between the introduction and the end, my keyboard was covered with flour and confectionery sugar and a small band of hungry grad students had floated into the kitchen. It seemed to me that food had an inherent spirituality that I could best explore through the preparing and the sharing of it. I can't stay out of the kitchen for very long. As a baker for a local community coffee shop and a personal chef my keypad is still just as sticky, but I have a lot more mouths to feed and questions to ask!

In this time we cook to call ourselves back to each other. In eating together as often as possible we are making a bold declaration about the ultimate integrity of all living things and the very rightness of their chaotic, constant and rich relationships with each other. No matter what we do to earn our bread we find that we would like to share it with others. Company proves to be the very fat in the stew; congealing, adding flavor, providing sustenance. Food is of course a simple necessity, we are told "we must eat to live" and not "live to eat". Yet, eating contains in it all the dimensions of lived experience;  loss, ingenuity, courage, compassion, joy, and countless other narratives that color and create us. For some food is not simple at all,  it may even be a source of considerable worry, scarcity and pain. A meal however, despite size or cost, is a gesture that moves beyond necessity into enjoyment. A meal can be a testimony to what we can make out of what we have- bare bone magic with a mother's incantation. When we eat well and with intention, it can help us be good to one another. Every soup has taught me something new and for everyone friend there has been a dish I won't forget.

I hope that this can be a space to share recipes, stories, poems and adventures.  You will most likely find an inexcusable amount of alliteration here, but I cannot find it within me to apologize for sugar, cream, avocados and what I will just have to call "squash talk". I would be so pleased if you would join me and stay for dinner. Image

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