A Beginner's Mind and an Amateur's Heart

Beginning again after a long hiatus, for whatever reason, can be a fearful thing. Just like an athlete who has had an injury and a prolonged period of healing, I am afraid that some of that long practiced, accumulated strength has vanished. Sometimes our habits and side hussles get rusty from neglect but more often than not, they are in the process of growing and changing, begging to be discarded or calling for reincarnation. Grits to Grace is always alive and doing because Grits to Grace is me. I've had big events and a lots of intimate home meals in the months of silence here, and have even changed platforms and appearance. Truth is Grits to Grace had become a shiny new shawl and I've been clutching my soft, somewhat dingy old blanket. The food is already rolling, now its time to get this writing and sharing piece rolling too.

There seems to be a silent understanding about food blogging that it does not delve into the political, avoids mention of upsetting current news, and keeps itself concerned with what it knows best; food glorious food. I respect that. Especially in light of our exposure to everything from the bewildering to the despair-causing on a daily basis, who wouldn't want a little slice of spotless white counters covered with perfectly presented pasta dishes?! Grits to Grace is not resplendent marbled counters (however much it might like to be) and its twin project to sharing delicious and healthy food is to explore spirituality in a world where that concept is elusive at best. Even delicious food can't escape political implications, indeed it beckons us further into the inter-connectedness of things- how we spend our money, who is welcome at our table, what others give that we might eat, who goes hungry. 

 For me and numerous others, food occupies spiritual ground.  I aim to explain what that means here as I gather stories and insights on the topic at the same pace I collect recipes from generous strangers and indulgent friends. 

 It is important to define spirituality because it is not the same thing as religion or faith. It is also not the exclusive property of any one person which opens up the exciting possibility that we will continue to be surprised and deepened by sharing our lives with other people. There are many ways to explore what it means to be human. I just happened to favor the one where you can lick the chocolate batter off the spoon. I hope you will join me in this new chapter of Grits to Grace as we continue to open our kitchens and our hearts to the sorrowful, savory, sweetness of this our one life. 

Caitlin Scott