Monday Mantras


A Monday cup o' love to you, a toast to the brave things you will do this week, including getting out of bed. This week I will be sharing a recipe for Pumpkin Puppies. Sounds slightly strange, right? Great! Halloween is fast approaching and Halloween has been a big deal since this American-born kid hit the scene.  Remember when I dressed up as Pearl Jam? The entire band. Who says I can't carve a giant squash into a terrifying likeness of Donald Trump ( key word search: "Trumpkin"), when it's 80 degrees out? Hmmmm,  I think I prefer to sacrifice my squash in better ways, let's say into a doughnut- like pastry that can be shared peacefully and jovially with all. Perfect. Until then, a little Monday Mantra(s) for you.


“And your very flesh shall be a great poem.”- Walt Whitman

"Read a Poem, Write a Poem, Share a Poem, Be a Poem." - Awesome English Teacher

I will start us off then. See you with a pumpkin pastry soon!

The Kiln

with her sore hands she signs only thanks and opens upward, palms like solar panels receiving sun sending down green shoots into the mud

which becomes clay and then again with fingers folded, round as women, into jars

filled with silt water and tin fish brined in iron, red dirt

suckled dry from afternoon the basin bears the slow drip of drought

and then in its depths the murmur, small dark ripple

of thunder on the shoulders of the valley


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