Soulful Sundays

IMGP0878 When you don't have bread to toast for your poached egg and leftover baked salmon, a pancake will ( an only slightly sweet and fluffy buttermilk pancake) do the trick. This was last weekend's breakfast and it was the kind of breakfast that is made of the two or three meals that have come behind it. It feels good to use every last inch of food that one has bought and prepared in some way. It is completely satisfying that savory and sweet should meet one morning and be perfect and impromptu.


I took a bite out of this pancake. In this house we call it "mousing" something. I tend to be a little bit mousey when it comes to food. Sorry if there is a bite missing from your homemade muffin or crepe...

Before you combine all ingredients it is important to do a taste test, right? There was avocado hiding underneath there too. I highly encourage the mixing of meals and the confusion of courses.

This past week has been full of change and transition-being a new kid on the block again. Oddly enough or directly because of this fact, I cooked a lot. First there was sweet potato gnocchi with figs, bacon, creamy gouda sauce, and sage. Somewhere after the poached egg pancake fiesta, these be-sprinkled cookies made there way into the world. Many thanks to Joy at Joy the Baker. Possibly the only best friend I have you doesn't know I exist. I just adore and admire her from afar. Someday I will send her cookies and let her know about our fervent friendship.


   In addition to cookies and gnocchi, I made homemade pasta last night. I had dreams of making beautiful little ears of pasta on the first go, but I opted instead for making dozens of flower shapes and finally, what I though was a respectable rose shaped pasta. I quickly sautéed these in browned butter and lots of chopped basil and served them in a bowl alongside  a gooey eggplant parmesan.

Comfort food is comforting, but cooking for folks and eating with people I love, is more so.

Here is to change and transition! Here is to ritual and repetition! And here is to the balance of them both and the seasonality of our fragile and resilient selves.


I'll be back this week to talk about hospitality and revel in new recipes! Stay well and with all cheer, take to the kitchen.

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