Weekend in a Few Words: Fig and Wonder

IMGP0818 This Sunday called for some sort of fig breakfast cake. Sometimes just holding an ingredient can help you decide what you want to do with it. As I made the decision to cut the figs first in half and then quarters, some rosemary caught my eye. Fig, rosemary and coconut breakfast cake...with a dusting of near-at-hand granola and lots of winter spices. I didn't have to leave the house to get any additional ingredients because only the things that were in the house would make it in the cake. On weekend mornings we make homemade (really great, Australian-curated) cappuccinos, everything beyond that is a careful conservation of sunshine and unscheduled ramblings. Figs have a short season, my plans for them extend miles past their availability. Its nice not to freeze things or vacuum pack elusive produce. These things are just here right now to enjoy. This season. That lucky grocery sighting. Unless you want to start talking jams!


An unexpected brunch happened and so I had two gracious taste testers and expert egg poachers. The sweet cake called for some savory companions of salmon, arugula and hummus. The figs on top of the cake caramelized in their own juices as they baked, and since the fruit just rests on top of this cake, I piled more fresh figs on after to hide the fact that I had already stolen some from their juicy nests. My passion for rosemary will be fully revealed in due time, for now I simply encourage you to sprinkle sweet fruit desserts wantonly with herbs. There is a teaspoon of chopped rosemary in this cake and our figgy friend has the depth to appreciate it.


Look, they absolutely adore each other.

One of the things that draws me to the the blog world is the way in which it helps me to do and then to reflect. To make and then wonder. The cake happened so quickly that its loveliness was a surprise, and its appearance a matter of fact miracle. To be able to word it out a bit helps to be more fully in its coming together. Morning, cake, breakfast like a bell of awakening. Today there is no recipe but there is an invitation to improvisational cake baking. If your cake comes out of the oven a little dry, then soak it with some honey mixed with orange juice. If it is a little soupy shall we say, well it's a sister to the beloved tres leches. Seasonal fruit, flours, milks, sweeteners and even store bought granola are a few things you might decide to put in a cake. It will be your own and it will be well received.


 Three more weekend celebrations to be had as October approaches apace.

 Honey whole-wheat butternut squash & pesto Pizza on a Friday night, unashamed enjoyment of Pinot Noir, and pasta in all the shapes and sizes you can imagine.

IMGP0782 IMGP0791

Write soon feasters!

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